Announcement: Pack of Aces

Hello all!

I do apologize for being absent lately.  Between conventions and my activism, I’ve barely found time to sleep.  But, dear readers, all of you are still in my thoughts.  And I promise to resume chapter commentary very, very soon.  I’ll also be starting work on my fifth novel in July!

Anyhow, I wanted to let all of you know about a new blog I’m part of:  Pack of Aces

It’s a group of five openly asexual speculative fiction writers (Claudie Arseneault, Lyssa Chiavari, Darcie Little Badger, Joel Cornah, and myself) blogging about writing, asexuality, and just whatever else strikes our fancy.  The name comes from the shorthand for asexuality:  many asexuals call themselves “aces.”

Each of us is the ace of something:

Claudie:  Ace of Squids
Lyssa:  Ace of Stars
Darcie:  Ace of Horror
Joel:  Ace of Swords
Myself:  Ace of Shifters

I’ve just written my first two posts.


On Writing:

Please check out the blog and give us a follow.  Sign up for our newsletter, signal boost wherever you can, and recommend us to all your friends.

Thank you, beloved readers 😀

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