Big News!

Hello everyone!

I do apologize for how terrible I am with keeping up this blog. Between running Asexual Artists, writing, and the random class here and there, I just don’t have all that much time to keep up the blog on my site.

Anyhow, I have some big news that has had me smiling all weekend 😀

The Shape Shifter Chronicles has found a new home! Starting with book five, I’ll be publishing with Snowy Wings Publishingsnowy-website-header-3

Banner from their site:

Due to this change, I will need to push back the release date of book five, entitled “Dwelling of Ekhidna.” I’m estimating that book five will now be out in January.

2017 is going to be an incredibly busy year for me and The Shape Shifter Chronicles. Books 1 – 4 will be re-released under Snowy Wings Publishing, after being professionally edited and fitted with brand new cover art.

This is ridiculously exciting and I’m beyond thrilled to have this opportunity. I hope my readers will have patience, which I promise will be rewarded. 🙂

Hoping all of you are looking forward to the continued adventures of the Four!

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