Series Reboot Cover Reveal

I am so excited right now. When I started writing, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have covers like the ones Najla Qamber designed for the series reboot. I still can’t believe how amazingly beautiful they are. It’s not often a person is able to work with such a talented artist and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been referred to her. Najla Qamber (of Najla Qamber Designs) has brought the Four to life with these gorgeous covers. 😀

So, without further ado . . .



“Sere from the Green”

Sere from the Green

There is a race that lives among humans, unbeknownst to them, called shape shifters, those that can shift from human to animal at will. Many protect the innocent on Earth and act as the eyes and ears of the guardians, divine beings similar to gods in ancient myths.

Isis is a woman who lives a normal life until the day she photographs a murder scene for her job. When the body disappears from her photographs, Isis is determined to solve the mystery. Her investigation uncovers answers about her own past and sets her on a journey that will change her life forever.


“Through Storm and Night”

Through Storm and Night

The Meadows is home to the guardians, a race of beings similar to the deities in ancient mythology. They watch over the Earth from their serene lands, keeping everything in check. For millennia, it has been peaceful. However, in the beginning, there was a great war. A war with Chaos, a war that is still remembered in the legends of the guardians and shape shifters.

Months have passed since Isis’, a shape shifter/guardian hybrid and member of the prophesied Four, narrow escape from the Obsidian Manor. The Four still haven’t found answers about the mysterious Coop and their search for the Key has yielded nothing but more questions. When an old alliance is reforged, the Four are thrown into another mystery. Who are the strange shape shifters known only as the “glowing-eyes” and what is their connection to the odd symbol and vanishing bodies?


“From the Ashes”

From the Ashes

An urban legend has begun to spread among shape shifters. It tells of a mysterious woman who stalks the night, hunting her victims. Clothed all in black, some even claim her eyes glow.

The protectors are about to discover the truth behind the stories. A list of names connected to the sinister Grenich Corporation and a massacre at a nightclub puts them on a collision course with the mysterious woman, known only as Blitz. Hers is a tale of revenge and death, of blood and violence. She holds the answer to the mystery of the glowing-eyes. Will the protectors survive their inevitable encounter with the wrathful woman?


“Haunted by the Keres”

Haunted by the Keres

A brutal attack on the rebel Lair signifies an escalation in the war against Grenich. The guardians strict policy of neutrality means the shape shifters must reforge old alliances with other species. However, the blood feuds between the two different species are not easily forgotten.

Meanwhile, the Four try to figure out a way to strike at Set. A question looms over them: can experiments learn how to be protectors, even when it goes against all their instincts? The answer could determine the outcome of the war against Grenich.

All covers designed by Najla Qamber Designs (

The reboot will be released on October 31st. The series is going to be released through Snowy Wings Publishing. All professionally edited and with new material, bringing you deeper into the worlds of the shape shifters and guardians.

I can’t wait to bring readers back to the worlds of these two groups!

Thank you everyone!

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