Introduction: Loki

We start off Ballet Marvel with everyone’s favorite trickster, Loki. This character means a great deal to me. Also, I fixed the window in the subsequent videos.

I’m going to keep the special thanks and character dedications at the end of the videos. It flows better.

Costume by BeBaGo (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram)

Helm by Carol Datura Riot, the Potions Mistress (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram)

The art on the wall behind me is by Brianna Garcia (Instagram)

As mentioned in the video, special thanks to Tom Hiddleston (Instagram), Sophia DiMartino (Instagram), Taika Waititi (Instagram), the whole team of the Loki series (especially director Kate Herron, Instagram)

Loki week is dedicated to Briannacherrycosplay (Instagram) and Teatraybat (Instagram)


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