Favorite Dancers: Alexander Campbell

Discussing another one of my absolute favorite dancers: Alexander Campbell of the Royal Ballet

Nebula Costume by BeBaGo (EtsyFacebookInstagram)

Nebula Helm by Carol Datura Riot (EtsyFacebookInstagram)

Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with the Royal Ballet or Royal Opera House and are not driving any benefit from talking about them.

Recommended links for Alexander Campbell

Royal Opera House Page: http://www.roh.org.uk/people/alexander-campbell
Alexander Campbell’s Twitter (he’s delightful on Twitter)
Royal Ballet Flickr
Alexander Campbell’s Instagram


Leap of Faith (documentary, also on YouTube here)
Alex Campbell, Principal, Royal Ballet (solid and interesting biography from DanceAustralia)

Videos – Performances and Interviews

Bluebird Pas de Deux
Where We Are (a lockdown piece, by Alexander Campbell & Anthoula Syndica-Drummond)
Boys Own Dance: An inspiring discussion with male role models in the world of dance
Within the Golden Hour
Hans-Peter’s Mime
Comparing Mercutios (link goes to the full video, Alex Campbell’s bit starts here)
Why the Royal Ballet love performing Don Quixote
Why the Royal Ballet love performing Dances at a Gathering

Videos – Rehearsals and/or Presenting

Rehearsing The Mad Tea Party
Rehearsing Mercutio for Romeo and Juliet (2015)
Aeternum in Rehearsal
Kangaroo Rat from ‘Still Life’ at the Penguin Café (Birmingham Royal Ballet)
Sugarplum Fairy Pas de Deux (Birmingham Royal Ballet)
Aladdin Pas de Deux (Birmingham Royal Ballet)
Alice in Wonderland Rehearsal (as presenter)
Works By Frederick Ashton (as presenter)


The tale of a “real life” Billy Elliot
Interview with Guerilla Cricket (watch until about 4:29, skip the bit that’s just cricket, start again here)
Aussie Dancer Inspiring England’s Cricketers (Cricket.com)
Sporting Plan to Boost Boys in Ballet (BBC)


Baby Alex Campbell (gif) (Also found here)
Internet makes audiences harder to wow, Royal Ballet’s newest stars say (The Telegraph)
Meet London’s Ballet Boys (Evening Standard. You may have to scroll some.)
On Glitter (BBC)
A Quote from here:

“I remember watching videos of Mikhail Baryshnikov when I was younger and I wanted to be like him,” says Cambell, citing Baryshnikov as a major inspiration throughout his career.

“He is so exciting to watch that I couldn’t help but want to try it. I was always drawn to the excitement of performing and it was definitely that element of the career that made me want to pursue ballet.”

Honest Photographs that Show the “Sweat, Blood, and Repetition” behind the Royal Ballet

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