Making Ballet Nebula: From Page to Reality

Nebula was one of the most difficult characters to design a ballet version of. I think Karolina and I spent the most time puzzling over how to make a ballet version of this character. Nebula’s costume is pretty much all leather and, unsurprisingly, leather isn’t really used in ballet costumes.

When Karolina was out of town visiting family, she stopped in a fabric shop and found this gorgeous deep red fabric. It was leather-like and just perfect for Nebula.

For the helm, Carol designed something inspired by the ballet I was going to be talking about during Nebula week: The Sleeping Beauty.

The design also incorporates Nebula’s metallic features (hence the silver eye piece), which gives it a futuristic look. She used mostly blue and silver Swarovski crystals, giving it that trademark sparkle.

Nebula preliminary sketch and costume by BeBaGo (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram)

Nebula helm sketch and helm by Carol Datura Riot (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram)


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