Making Ballet Captain Marvel: From Page to Reality

Captain Marvel was a fun costume to design. It was much easier to figure out than Gamora and Nebula, though I didn’t expect so much glitter (and I’m not complaining).

When Karolina first showed me the preliminary sketch, I was over the moon. It was gorgeous and almost exactly what I was picturing. Except for one small detail: I wanted some kind of homage to Carol’s glowing appearance when she goes binary. I was thinking some kind of shiny metallic looking material as a trim.

Karolina was the one who said, “Hey, what if I tried to sew lights into the gold bits?”

Um, yes please!

She went to work and got a bunch of Christmas lights. The end result is stunning! (I absolutely loved the inclusion of the Captain Marvel star on the side).

For the helm, Carol once again took inspiration from the ballet I was going to be talking about during Captain Marvel week: Jewels.

I knew this was going to be one of my favorite helms. I just loved the design (and how Carol worked in Captain Marvel’s star). The glisten on the Captain Marvel helm is truly gorgeous.

These two designs came together to create a truly stunning costume, which I could not be happier with.

Captain Marvel preliminary sketch and costume by BeBaGo (EtsyFacebookInstagram)

Captain Marvel helm sketch and helm by Carol Datura Riot (EtsyFacebookInstagram)

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