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Favorite Dancers: Beatriz Stix-Brunell

[embed]https://youtu.be/bWlN6jj46hs[/embed] Discussing another one of my absolute favorite dancers: Beatriz Stix-Brunell, formerly of the Royal Ballet Captain Marvel Costume by BeBaGo (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram) Captain Marvel Helm by Carol Datura Riot (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram) Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with the Royal Ballet or Royal Opera House and are not driving any benefit…

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Introduction: Captain Marvel

[embed]https://youtu.be/F5BWBYkxAmE[/embed] The introduction to this week's character: Captain Marvel! I absolutely love Carol Danvers. She's such a badass and this is one of my favorite costumes of this project. Captain Marvel costume by BeBaGo (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram) Captain Marvel helm by Carol Datura Riot (Etsy, Facebook, Instagram) As mentioned, thank you to Brie Larson…

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